Cooke Anamorphic 2x S35
Cooke Anamorphic 2x S35 T2.3 Set - 25, 32, 40, 50, 65 Macro (T2.6), 75, 100, 135mm
The Anamorphic lens images beautifully rendered for film
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Cooke Anamorphic 2x S35

Exceptionally well corrected aberrations over the entire image area – astigmatism, lateral and longitudinal colour – that will render shape, form and soul to your images.

While the “look” is crucial, precision engineering and seamless integration with other equipment is equally important. The Anamorphic /i, T2.3-T2.6 primes in eight focal lengths are colour matched to our S4/i, 5/i and miniS4/i lenses.


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